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Buy or Sell Scraps Online - Scrap Minder

We now have digital kabadiwala available on an online platform, thanks to technological advancements. A search for buy or sell scrap online near me will help you find a quick and easy way to sell your scrap. Scrap Minder is the online dealer; they are a group of verified and certified individuals who help to sustain the growing amount of waste through their trustworthy services. You may now obtain doorstep assistance by contacting Scrap Minder, an online E Market using which you can buy or sell the scraps.

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The Benefits of an Online Kabadi Dealer:

  1. Sell Scrap online, the search engine can quickly locate a kabadiwala. You may now sell your scrap from the comfort of your own home and without exerting any additional effort. We all appreciate convenience, and the advent of an online kabadi players has made the chore of selling scrap much easier. Scrap Minder is a dependable alternative for netizens to sell their scraps quickly and easily.
  2.  Keeping in mind the current situation, the fellow will take all essential precautions during the scrap collection   process. Your scrap will be measured with an ISO-certified digital machine. Here, digital machines eliminate   the chance of scams, and you’ll get the best price for your scrap.

Scrap Minder – Best Online E Market for Scrap Selling and Buying 

The availability of an online scrap dealer will allow netizens to save time and effort in their search for a dealer. The purpose of selling scrap online is to reduce trash generation and earn some good amount of money. As a result, Scrap Minder guarantees that your scraps will be recycled responsibly.

Scrap Minder is responsible to manage your scrap. Scrap Minder is one organization dedicated to resolving India’s waste management crisis. You may schedule a pick-up for your scrap promptly and easily using its user-friendly apps and website. After you’ve scheduled a pick-up, a skilled and well-equipped executive/fellow will come to your location, collect the scrap, weigh it on an ISO-certified digital weighing scale, and pay you for your scrap in the payment method you prefer.

Paper, metals, cardboard, light e-waste, heavy e-waste, plastics, and other goods can be sold to your online kabadiwala. You may either download the Scrap Minder app from the Google Play Store or go to the website to learn more.

Scrap Minder – Scrap Selling Process (Mobile Application)

1) Post the details of scrap
2) Choose the mode to receive the money
3) Choose the option to sell the scrap items at real time/fix a schedule
4) Scrap Minder will assign his /her fellow to you
5) Choose the fellow
6) Track the Scrap Minder Fellow through Google Map to your respected location
7) Verification of payment details
8) Rate the Scrap Minder fellow

Scrap Minder Fellow Application Process for Buying of Scrap

1) Enter your personal data to become a fellow
2) Get the details of scrap from seller who are nearby to you, who are willing to sell their scrap at real time/fixed schedule time
3) Accepting the requirements of scrap from scrap seller
4) Track the location of scrap seller from your location to his/her location
5) Verification of payment details
6) Rate the Scrap Minder seller

Scrap Minder Advertisement Process (Mobile Application) Seller

1) Fill the advertisement details of your scrap (Image, type of scrap, quantity of scrap & the price you want for the advertise scrap)
2) Select the city where the massive and bulky scrap is
3) Post the advertisement details
4) Scrap Minder will review and approve your advertisement request
5) After Approval the advertisement will be live on website and application / you can filter search through website and application for particular scrap for particular city
6) Once buyer requests the higher price of advertised scrap, the Scrap Minder team will call you and ask your opinion whether you want to sell your advertised scrap at this price or not
7) Once we get the green signal from advertiser we will lock the price
8) Scrap Minder will share the details of sellers and buyers between them
9) Scrap Minder will work as intermediate and square the deal and receive the payment from Scrap Minder buyer (fellow)
10) Scrap Minder seller will rate the Scrap Minder fellow

Scrap Minder Advertisement Function Buyer (Scrap Minder Fellow)

1) Login to application and website
2) Choose the location and type of scrap where you want to purchase the advertised scrap
3) Select the advertised scrap you want and send the price you want to pay with remark
4) Scrap Minder will contact the advertiser and want his/her green signal (that we had received this price for this advertised scrap and will you want to sell it or not)
5) If they agree on the advertisement, we will remove it from the website and application and Scrap Minder will lock the price
7) Scrap Minder will share the details of sellers and buyers between them
8) Scrap Minder Fellow will pay the price through online mode
9) Scrap Minder will work as intermediate and square the deal and receive the payment from Scrap Minder fellow
10) Scrap Minder fellow will rate the Scrap Minder seller

Scrap Minder is a start-up in online Scrap market with a vision to manage your scrap. We are a next step towards the process of waste management and scrap function. For more information reach out to [email protected]!

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