Scrap Minder: One Stop Solution to Sell Your Scrap Anytime Anywhere in India

Scrap Minder: One Stop Solution to Sell Your Scrap Anytime Anywhere in India

Scrap Minder is an online marketplace for buyers and dealers of scraps. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the Three R’s at Scrap Minder. Our fundamental belief is that in order to lessen the environmental impact of our activities, we must first reduce the quantity of waste we make by being more careful of our purchasing habits and limiting our everyday use of paper and plastic products. The Scrap Minder is a marketplace where you can sell your scraps and make money.

Scraps are now easy to sell at home. or the Scrap Minder Mobile App provide the ability to sell scraps while sitting at home. We provide online scrap sales from the comfort of your own home. Scrap Minder allows any vendor to contact the market directly and sell scraps online. Aside from that, the benefits of special offers might be increased on bulk scrap sales. According to the company, reliable vendors are available for customer service in every part of the city, allowing scraps to be sold anywhere. It’s also incredibly simple to link to Scrap Minder’s website or mobile app.

You can also sign up with Scrap Minder as a buyer or fellow to buy the scraps directly from sellers. This can be done online completely. You may either download the Scrap Minder app from the Google Play Store or go to the website to learn more.

We are towards supporting towards Swachh Bharat Mission by recycling the scraps instead throw out as trash. Recycling is critical since scrap has a significant negative influence on the environment. We can assist you in turning scrap into cash.

How to Sell or Buy Scraps Using Scrap Minder

You can post the details of scrap instantly/at scheduled time through our website or app.  Scrap Minder will assign fellow to you, and you can sell the scraps.

Get the details of scrap from seller who are nearby to you, who are willing to sell their scrap at real time/fixed schedule time. Accepting the requirements of scrap from scrap seller.  Then you can buy the scraps from the seller.

  • To sell your scrap/post ad instantly download our app: Click here
  • To buy scraps download: Click here

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Scrap Minder is responsible to manage your scrap. Scrap Minder is one organization dedicated to resolving India’s waste management crisis. Scrap Minder is a start-up in online Scrap market with a vision to manage your scrap. We are a next step towards the process of waste management and scrap function. For more information reach out to [email protected]!

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