nishant singh

Nishant Kumar Gautam is the CEO and Founder of Scrap Minder.  He has demonstrated a history of working in the consumer services industry, various e-marketplaces, and public speaking. He also has strong professional business development and leadership qualities with a bachelor's degree in marketing management and a postgraduate diploma degree in intellectual property laws. He loves to work in challenging situations to overcome barriers.

With nearly 4 years of industry experience, Nishant envisioned an opportunity to support the scrap industry. He founded the Scrap Minder in 2018 with the vision of reducing, reusing, and recycling scraps for individuals, groups, and organizations. 

Company History – Idea

The idea of starting the company, Scrap Minder, came up when I was reading a news article about the environment. As a responsible citizen, I am concerned that scraps can be recycled, and we can earn money from them. This was the perfect motivation for me to start the Scrap Minder business model. After doing extensive research we came up with a digital online application and website for people to buy and sell scraps through the platform.

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